Cat Party Crew Socks
Cat Party Crew Socks
Cat Party Crew Socks
Cat Party Crew Socks
Cat Party Crew Socks

Cat Party Crew Socks

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If you are a fan of having a sock for every occasion like me, look no further. You can easily celebrate any occasion, or non-occasion with the selection of socks we make.

It's a Cat Party!!! Fun and Playful are what these cat socks are. Allover cat print in lots of colors.

There's a back story to these socks: Back in the day before I met my husband, I used to have cats. After my last cat, I hadn't had a cat for over 10 years! I know! Can you believe it!!!??? I was a bit heartbroken for a long time, and had no desire to have a cat again. So let's fast day I was wanting a cat again, and told my husband that I was wanting one. Mind you we have been married for about two/three years now. I was not set on a cat, or demanding a cat, I was just kind of toying with the idea. He knew I had cats in the past. dear sweet husband (not really much of a cat person himself), knew one of his relatives had cats...Fast forward a bit again...we are now cat owners of one cat...then literally 6 months after that my husband (bless his heart), rescued to brother kittens (needless to say we of course inherited the two darlings). So I went from not having a cat for over ten years, to be a cat owner of three, in less than a year! So now...whenever our three cats are next to each other, we always sing "Cat Party" - Which these socks have been named "Cat Party."

All cat and dog items in my shop will have a percentage of sales going to SpokAnimal.

Approximate Size:
- Men's L 8-12
- Men's XL 12-15


Pattern placement varies on each pair of socks. The photo is a representation of what you will be getting. If you want to see the actual socks you will be receiving, please message me and I will send you a photo. THANK YOU for understanding that each pair of socks has variations, and that these are handmade by Me — with Love and Passion.


There are slight imperfections, or may have dead spots where the print cannot reach, this is part of the process. Each piece is one of one. We hand press and design each piece, and is not mass produced or manufactured.

Also, due to differences in computer monitors, there may be a difference in colors between the actual product and your screen. Please be sure to read all product descriptions, and ask any questions before finalizing your order.

If you need items shipped sooner, please contact me. I will try to accommodate as best I can.

~ Made with Love and Passion by Casandra Luz