“Cheat Sheet” Crew Socks
“Cheat Sheet” Crew Socks
“Cheat Sheet” Crew Socks
“Cheat Sheet” Crew Socks
“Cheat Sheet” Crew Socks

“Cheat Sheet” Crew Socks

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 SFCC Fine Art Gallery (Collaboration)

About the Exhibition, "Cost of Living": Seth Collier and JoEllen Wang use ubiquitous urban resources to respond to the extractive systems and cultural excesses which produce them. Through painting, digital art, and material exploration, they examine forms of survival in the places where society breaks down.


JoEllen Wang: 
Artist JoEllen Wang earned her B. Arch from the University of Kansas in Lawrence, KS. She has participated in exhibitions at SOIL, Gallery 110, Ghost Gallery and Mini Mart City Park in Seattle, WA and Bainbridge Island Museum of Art on Bainbridge Island, WA. JoEllen has work in Seattle's Permanent Portable Works Collection.




* Meaning Behind the Art *

The idea is these are a "cheat sheet" for making tarp shelters - they show you how to tie a bowline knot, trucker's hitch, and Prussik knot. And I wanted to stick to a "tarp" color scheme. 

Approximate Sizes:
Men's (Crew) Large 8-12, (Women 10-13)
Men's (Crew) XL 12-15






~ Made with Love and Passion by Casandra Luz