Father/Son Bow Tie Set ~ Blue & White Wire ~ Adjustable bow ties
Father/Son Bow Tie Set ~ Blue & White Wire ~ Adjustable bow ties
Father/Son Bow Tie Set ~ Blue & White Wire ~ Adjustable bow ties
Father/Son Bow Tie Set ~ Blue & White Wire ~ Adjustable bow ties

Father/Son Bow Tie Set ~ Blue & White Wire ~ Adjustable bow ties

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• Simply Me • Gentlemen • Est. 2017 •

Do you want the perfect gift for Dad to gift him on Father's Day, or for his Birthday!?!?!?

Well...I have the perfect gift option for you. How about a matching Father and Son Bow Tie gift set.

The men in our lives deserve special gifts, and I know for myself, it is always hard on knowing what to get my husband. Once I discovered my husband truly enjoys sporting the Bow Ties I make, I thought it would be nice to have a matching Father/Son set.

Discovering my passion for bow ties happened through my husband. We were talking about my crafts, and all the options of different items I could make. We somehow came upon the topic of bow ties and ties. It was my husbands idea who encouraged me to try my hand at it. 

Little did I know, I would soon become obsessed with making them. They are incredibly fun to make, and I am constantly coming up with different fabric options, and how I can put my own twist on each one.

I have actually modified the original pattern a great deal. I tried a couple different things before settling on how I make them now.  


Dressed up or dressed down is how you can wear my handmade bow ties for all the men in your life.

Be Dapper, Be Classy, Be a Gentleman is what my bow ties represent. So Wear them Confidently, and Wear them with Pride.  

*** Bow ties will never go out of style, but my goal is to have them integrated into menswear for every day wear. ***


Bold, Fun, and ready to take on the world with this upbeat and cheerful bow tie set for Father and Son is a must have.

I chose this fabric because it has a fun look, yet you can still have a professional appearance at the same time. It is bold, sleek and clean. This bow tie can be dressed up, and can also be worn semi-casual for everyday wear.

This bow tie set is wonderful for Father's Day; and for additional wear it is perfect for the Spring and Summer months with its rich blue color, and white horizontal lines (and do not forget about those special family photos - just an idea).

The fabric is solid blue with a semi widely spaced white horizontal line. Each bow tie has an adjustable neck band, so there is no need to have to figure out how to tie it.


Standard Bow Tie Size


I use one hundred percent premium cotton fabric, premium interfacing, premium thread, and metal clasps. I believe in quality over quantity and will always use the best materials possible. It truly makes a difference in look and feel.

If you need items shipped sooner, please contact me. I will try to accommodate as best I can. 

~ Handmade and Handcrafted by Casandra Luz Quintero