Fix Bad Habit Spending

Whiskey, Tobacco, Mary Jane, Cocaine, we all have our bad habits. Hopefully nothing worse than that if you’re checking out this blog (ixnay on the yayo mang, Do not push it to the limit). My main vice is alcohol, and I’ve went back and forth with it for years. In and out of shape and back and forth from having drinks every night, to months on end without a drop. To combat my addiction and cut down on my alcohol spending by 50%, I used a tried and true method and you can do the same. If you have a wife or girlfriend, you ought to give it a try. In my case, I knocked out half of our alcohol consumption by knocking my wife up. No more alcohol for her. We also have 5 gallons of plum wine brewing, and if I can drink it all before her due date, that should add considerable savings. We harvested all the plums from our backyard tree, and picked up a home brew kit from Jim’s Homebrew Supply, here in Spokane, WA. Constantly striving to become more self-reliant has been a fun journey and we encourage you to embark on your own. With a little bit of trial, research and work we will soon be on our way to enjoying 30 bottles of our own self made wine. We intend to gift some and I’m excited to undertake the challenge of finishing off what’s left before my wife can get her hands on any, jk of course I’ll save her a bottle.


Another fun undertaking has been developing our garden a little more each year, Fresh homemade salsa is the best, and we even grew our own pumpkins for Halloween. Aside from that, we want to make it profitable in a few years and have been scouring the internet for some ideas on how to do so. One of the most intriguing sites for information on how to do this comes from The Urban Farmer, be sure to check it out. Another goal we have is to get into beekeeping. I love honey, and it is said that local pollen that the bees gather and turn into honey can help with allergies dramatically. Magical little bees! We also want to source the wax to use in our beard care products. In our continual effort to provide as much in house as we can, and to provide the highest quality of sourced ingredients, we think this undertaking will enhance the products and give an even better beard wax to our customers.


Our goal for finance is to get and stay debt-free and we want to help you achieve financial independence and early retirement (FIRE) as well. Since we began the discussion with Motherhood, I’d like to also inform any Moms out there about a great financial blog that is just for you, Also from Spokane, WA, is The Budget Mom, and her site is filled with a ton of great information and systems for keeping more of what you earn. We love establishing budgets for our children using her fun designed kid themed cash envelopes. It has already been very beneficial for them in real life use when we go to the store and they are limited to the cash in their very own personalized envelopes, and they love it. Simple, easy, and effective. Other blogs that have great financial information are Mr. Money Mustache, and if you’re wanting to learn more about stocks or day trading you’d be smart to check out Cameron Fous and his site IKNK. He puts out a lot of free content on Youtube and runs a pretty cool Instagram page.


For some motivation and fitness, see our Fitness section, which includes biographies of David Goggins, and Cameron Hanes. David’s book is essential for everyone, and in my opinion, anyone at any point in their life can benefit by listening to the life and times he shares, an there’s even an Audiobook if you’re not into reading (Also pick up Jesse Itzler’s book starring David Goggins, titled “Living With a Seal”) . Cam Hanes and him get together for some cool Youtube videos, and they just might be the motivation you need in your life, RIGHT NOW. For business and in life, you cannot go wrong listening to the wisdom these two figures share. Their life and their use of time are to be envied, and even if you’re not planning on running 35 miles, followed by some bow shooting and a workout session anytime soon, use their example of time usage and effort to plan your next big endeavor. Through their struggle to meet their goals, anyone can see that they can push past their own self-limiting beliefs, whatever they may be.


Make a plan for your finances, and stick to it like white on rice, or flies on shit, however you want to look at it. Keep more of what you make, and use what you do have to spend on essentials. Invest what you can into something that will provide a pay back, this does not include a Netflix or Hulu account.

Remember, as Wu Tang Clan said: “Cash Rules Everything Around Me - C.R.E.A.M. GET THE MONEY, DOLLA DOLLA BILL Y’ALL…”