We. Love. Music.

Music drives and motivates us, it wakes us up in the morning and preps us for overdrive before and during a workout or long drive. It invigorates us to DO MORE, and that's what we're all about. Doing more than the average, or our self-limiting beliefs is something we're dared to do on a daily basis, and overcoming the bare minimum is essential for us to become the best we opt to be. 

     We've always knew that we wanted to give back, and have done so a little bit here and there along the way. Beggars on the side of the road, girl scout cookies, and stands set up for good causes at the grocery store entrance, you know. And who could forget the donation buttons at the checkout debit card reader. But now, we aim to really focus on bringing together our true interests and love and creating far more impact in the realm of giving back. Music is something that has always been a huge part of my life, and I want to help spread the love of music to children that perhaps can't afford an instrument or lessons. I also think that music in public schools is extremely important. So how do my wife and I help achieve these results!?

     We really think about how much music is important to us and we research the topic.

So what did we find?

We found:

1. The National Association for Music Education

2. Little Kids Rock

3. Cole Music Company

We intend to develop relationships with these three organizations and will spend time and resources to further their cause. 

We will create cool products and use the proceeds from existing sales to donate to these two organizations. 

To learn more about what these organizations do, click the links here:

1. The National Association for Music Education

2. Little Kids Rock

If you love music too and want to help, please feel free to call Casandra @ (509) 999-5915 or Trent @ (509) 960-1746 or simply share this article or related content on social media. 

You can also donate directly to the charities listed above or come up with your own unique creative endeavors. 


    I grew up listening to music all the time and my parents had it playing a fair amount in our household. I always loved it. In sixth grade I played the drums and enjoyed it but really loved the sound of the electric guitar. After years of wanting one, I finally buckled down after working the first year before college doing firefighting and fell in love. Although I was a slow learner and could only play a few riffs, I stuck with it and have been playing ever since, about fifteen years worth! (that's crazy) I've donated about ten guitars so far and want to increase that amount a whole LOT.  Music and all instruments, however, are awesome so we intend to do whatever we can within this realm to help put instruments in the hands of children. 

This cause is so important to us and we will post regular updates to all of  you about the impact and headway we're creating within the community, and in regard to this effort. It's challenging, it's exciting, and it will hopefully change the direction of the lives of several children for the better!


Thank you,

Trent & Casandra Quintero